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Success is about journey, not destination..

So does love..

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New header is officially launched!!

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Hey! It’s my last week in Jakarta…

I have done my internship for 8 weeks and I have to go back to college again..
Arghh.. I don’t really have time to holiday this time.. Seldom have full-day free, buuuuut..

Guess what?

I have been to Bogor, Bandung ( even though just to have some batagor and go back.. LOLX!), Ancol several times, and jump from one mall to another mall or restaurants located at the other side of Jakarta.. And hey!! Finally I have tried Go-kart here at Pantai Indah Kapuk… Hohoho.. Thanks to ‘you’!

Honest speaking, these days in Jakarta made me realize more about friendship.. Maybe because the limited time that we have cause ma firends will pursue their study in other countries.. Which will decrease the opportunities to meet or just hang out together again.. Huwaaa….
Or else I’m the one that leaving Jakarta.. Dheng.. The more I get closer and closer to 26th of July, the more I feel sad of going back to Kuala Lumpur.. The only thing I miss there is friends and housemate!

However, it make me realized that I have to appreciate the time I still have now.. Yet not scared of losing friends just because of distance..
Because true friends will not be separated by distance or time or anything else.
Don’t u agree with me?



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OMG… Once I turn and blink, I’ve been working for more than 1 month eyh.. I’ve learned to be at office now, even though it was hard, yet now I am used to it..

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Miss college life..

Darn.. I seriously miss my college life since I’m working as intern in Jakarta..

I miss the time with no restriction to hang out with friends.. Since now I have to go to office 9to5 and reach home at 6/7..
I miss the time where me, liz, jess, kutil, housemates hang out together and laugh out loud without worries instead of assignments..
I miss the time where we talk and discuss with the lecturers..
I miss the time where I can go to liz’s or kutil’s when I am bored/mellow/sad/happy..

Actually I miss college friends and not the hectic KL..


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I have good and bad news!

I got the JOB!- GOOD NEWS! –

I have to travel for 20km(approx.) to reach my office.. Which make me have to drive 1 hour, sometime 1 hour plus, everyday twice.. Lucky me if no jam..- BAD NEWS! –

Huff.. Such a tiring journey.. Today is my third day.. Hope I can stand for another 53 days.. No no.. Hope is not the word.. I HAVE to stand.. Huff.. Traveling through Jakarta's highway is a nice experience though. I can hear people horn me every time because the way I drive. Ahahaha.. You know what? Usually I drive automatic car, and now ,for sooooo long I never drive manual car, I'm driving the manual car with nervous feeling. What's funny is : yesterday I go home with having cramp in my toe.. That's prove how long I never touch the manual car.. Hihihi..

Anyway, from this two days I already can feel that college life have much more fun.. Where you can go wherever and whenever you want to.. And do whatever you want.. I am not complaining, but I just realized how true is my friends' saying..

Friends that are working said : ' How I wish I can go back to college life and stuck there!'.

friends that are studying said : 'How I wish I can graduate soon and go earn money by myself!'
So which one is true?
I'll let you choose..
For me, if God give me choices to choose? I will choose working life.. X)

Good Day!


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