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Heyy Hooo..

Currently working in boyf’s office as accounting/finance/visual merchandiser.. totally different from my previous study huh? yeah.. tell me about that..

today’s my third day in the office, nice people n helpful accounting manager that teach me how to start and control the financial field for certain brand.. its kindda boring tho.. but anyways.. i can meet him from the morning (cus he is the one who fetch me to the office), lunch, and also after office hour.. i think i’m ok with the current job.. but also.. i’m hoping that someday, somehow i can multitasking this job with my passion.. interior designing.. just don’t know where to start as i don’t have any experience of working in the interior design firm after i graduated.. but somehow i believe.. there will be a way, the best way, for me n boyf in the future.. at first i can’t take it that i’ll lost my dream of being an interior designer instead of doing the numbers.. but slowly, i’ve just learned how to accept changes in plans that we’ve made.. changes in plans that i’ve set for myself..

anyways.. the previous days have been quiet challenging.. some bad situation happened on boyf’s first cousin that trigger me to appreciate my boyf more, n how to treat him well to make him comfortable in our relationship.. put more respect on people, and also be thankful everyday, n everytime in my life.. cus i’ve learned, the longer we stay in the top n good situation, we’ll not appreciate what we’ve got that actually the best for some people.. hahahha.. why am i suddenly become so OLD? talking about life.. but that’s what i feel now.. haihhh..

Even tho i love my life in jakarta now, but i can’t stop missing the life in taylor’s.. ups n downs that i’ve been tru with the crazy, lame,helpful, unique friends there.. yeahh.. u know which categories u fall into, aren’t u? hahaha.. *emo mode is on in the office* haihh.. better go off now before i type more n bcome more emo..
*shifting to facebook* XD





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