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Miss college life..

Darn.. I seriously miss my college life since I’m working as intern in Jakarta..

I miss the time with no restriction to hang out with friends.. Since now I have to go to office 9to5 and reach home at 6/7..
I miss the time where me, liz, jess, kutil, housemates hang out together and laugh out loud without worries instead of assignments..
I miss the time where we talk and discuss with the lecturers..
I miss the time where I can go to liz’s or kutil’s when I am bored/mellow/sad/happy..

Actually I miss college friends and not the hectic KL..



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I have good and bad news!

I got the JOB!- GOOD NEWS! –

I have to travel for 20km(approx.) to reach my office.. Which make me have to drive 1 hour, sometime 1 hour plus, everyday twice.. Lucky me if no jam..- BAD NEWS! –

Huff.. Such a tiring journey.. Today is my third day.. Hope I can stand for another 53 days.. No no.. Hope is not the word.. I HAVE to stand.. Huff.. Traveling through Jakarta's highway is a nice experience though. I can hear people horn me every time because the way I drive. Ahahaha.. You know what? Usually I drive automatic car, and now ,for sooooo long I never drive manual car, I'm driving the manual car with nervous feeling. What's funny is : yesterday I go home with having cramp in my toe.. That's prove how long I never touch the manual car.. Hihihi..

Anyway, from this two days I already can feel that college life have much more fun.. Where you can go wherever and whenever you want to.. And do whatever you want.. I am not complaining, but I just realized how true is my friends' saying..

Friends that are working said : ' How I wish I can go back to college life and stuck there!'.

friends that are studying said : 'How I wish I can graduate soon and go earn money by myself!'
So which one is true?
I'll let you choose..
For me, if God give me choices to choose? I will choose working life.. X)

Good Day!


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