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Random Thoughts..

I can’t sleep since half an hour ago.. 

Keep thinking of some thing, some sentence that people always said.. 

‘my problem is bigger than yours.. You are lucky’ 

Is that actually true? 

Just to share my thought.. 

I think.. We can’t weigh how heavy is problem, can we?  There is no SI unit for the heaviness or lightness of the problem.. Yet, its just yourselves ‘mind’ that wiegh how heavy is it.. 

People tends to compare.. My life is not easy as yours or others had, and bla bla bla.. 

But.. Here is the thing.. The life that we have, whether its easy or hard, heavy or light, stressful or enjoyable.. Its given by whatever God we, and you have above accordingly to our strength.. We given that busy road, yet, there is a zebra cross for us somewhere on that particular road to cross.. Then, stop comparing your life with others.. As.. Other people problem maybe it looks easy for you.. Because you are not in her/his side and feeling it.. Maybe.. Its actually feels heavier than yours but you only see and feel the surface? 

So, people… This post is actually acts as our reminder, my reminder.. To behave correctly whenever I. and we face the problem.. 


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