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LOLX.. Just got it..

Many THX to liz because she already posted the Bangsar pics.. 


So many until it takes forever to load.. 

Feel free to see.. But u have to ask the password 1st yea.. 

Ghuuud daee..


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Fell in lophe.. Can I?

Apparently… I’m totally fell in lophe with the singers..

Something burst up when I see Danny Gokey and Gabe Bondoc sings.. OMFG..

Wish all the best for them..


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It is not important yet essential in my life..

Recently, I am very2 busy with my college stuff..

And now feeling like posting some ‘trashes’ from inside to here.. Heeee…

I feel so exhausted of this busy week.. Do not have enough time for friends, and always do work at home.. *crap

I wish that the day after tomorrow I can finally relax for a while and release my nerve.. Hee…

I wish that my work will turn out good at last, so it paid off.. 

I wish that everything will go smoothly to everyone surround me.. 

Thx GOD.. 




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