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Happy Chinese New Year

*closed eyes praying* 'api chainis nu ye to evlibodi... Wish u all hev pleasent ye.. Muach*

*closed eyes praying* 'api chainis nu ye to evlibodi... Wish u all hev pleasent ye.. Muach*



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Let’s try it!(updated photos)

Yeah.. Let’s try it..

Just bought : Black ‘baby’, Canon 450D EOS.

Site : Bangsar.

Considered first time to come here.. Because last time only passed the Bangsar Village to make keys.. Lolx..

Finallee 😉  have chance to go through the shop lots (even though not every single lots we go cause too much)  and it makes me feels so damn tired but still want to see.. Hihihi..

Never saw such apparel and resto roads in KL.. ( just like in Dago Pakar and other roads in Bandung, Indonesia) Happpy… 🙂

Here goes the pictures of our journey today without editing.. ( but I lower down the jpeg size cause it’s kindda too big and take too long to upload.. )


2. Ahh.. This is not (yet) Bangsar Village definitely.. We had to walk for around half an hour (with lost time counted) then only we reached the destination.. Whole long this road, there are oldish shop lots.. Like 70’s maybe? Cool eyh.. Very rare view in KL actually.. Except for Petaling Jaya maybe?

Barber Shop, (if I'm not mistaken) people used to call this kind of shop..

Barber Shop, (if I’m not mistaken) people used to call this kind of shop..

Woopz.. I'm in Marco's Pizza already.. Starving..Woopz.. I’m in Marco’s Pizza already.. Starving..

Not trying to tickle Cyril actually.. Wanted to tease a lil girl.. Hihihi..Not trying to tickle Cyril actually.. Wanted to tease a lil girl.. Hihihi..

Delicious 'cow' Pane, eyh! ~ Cyril n LizDelicious ‘cow’ Pane, eyh! ~ Cyril n Liz

At the skywalk, Bangsar Village... Come again!At the skywalk, Bangsar Village… Come again!

Fewh.. Can’t upload all da pics.. Will  update it tomorrow.. (Yay! The photos uploaded all) The try out today makes me feel just so so satisfied to have a Canon 450D, it’s for newbie and yes.. I’m a newbie.. ;D

Good Night World,


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Facts about me? Alright..

Okaay.. Because I’m tagged in Liz‘s blog, so here I am answer these questions.. Hurmpphh…

001. Real name: Wilindayati Tiang.
002. Nicknames: Linda, Lyndee, Yati ( wth, dun eva call me this, got it? ), Wilin, Yu Hui 钰惠 , DD ( read- dede ), Tiang, Londe.. (Ow, Crap)
003. Married: No.
004. Zodiac sign: Aries.
005. Male or female: Female.
006. Age: 19.
007. Highschool: Kuen Cheng Girls’ High School.
008. College: TCPJ.
009. Residence: Jakarta, PJ.
010. Hair color: Originally black , dyed brown, dyed black back, fadded.
011. Long or short hair: Longwith curls.
012. Smoke:  Sisha? Seldom though..
013. Drink: Nope. Accept there is  colorful cocktail offered.
014. Available: Er.. Not for now.
015. Are you a health freak: never was.
016. Weight : 49.
017. Do you have a crush?  Erm..
018. Do you like yourself: Yeap..
019. Piercings: ears
020. Tattoos: none.
021. Righty or lefty: righty.


022. First surgery:  Don’t have.. Hohoho.. Hope that no ‘will have’..
023: First piercing: ears, primary 6.
024. First best friend/s: during kindergarten, cynthia & christine
025. First award: Erm.. forgot..
026. First memory: cant remember
027. First pet: a dog named Tommy.. Missing you, Tom..
028. First vacation: Danau Toba, Sumatera Utara, if I’m not mistaken..
029. First concert: Kuen Cheng Fund-Raising concert..
030. First crush: Ricky?


031. Last time you went out: just now
032. Last time you had a good time: Yeah.. Almost everyday.
033. Last time you cried: Cried happily? Last night. Cried sadly? Forgot.
034. Last award: Heh? I think Taekwondo’s.
035. Last trip abroad: Singapore.
036. Last concert: Last two years.. Crap. Wanting to go to Gabe Bonoc concert.
037. Last album you bought: Stacie Orrico
038. Last song you played:  It’s the way you make me feel – Steps.
039. Last phonecall: Mommy, fetching me up from Pluit Village.
040. Last laugh: Dinner with the family


041. Summer or winter: Autumn.
042. Rainy or sunny: both
043. Britney or Christina: Britney
044. TV or YouTube: Tv, if don’t have a TV then only Utube.
045. Oprah or Tyra: Oprah.
046. McD’s or KFC: neither
047. Soccer or tennis: tennis!
048. new york or san francisco: NYC.


049. Eating: nothing.
050. Drinking: nothing
051. Wearing: bra and undies
052. Im about to: Continue my pot painting.
053. Listening to:  Jangan Katakan-Numata


054. Food: Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,Chinese, delicious stuffs.
055. Drinks: Teh susu.
056. Colors: Christmas Red.
057. Numbers: 6


058. Want kids:2
059. Want to get married: For sure.
060. Life: Balanced in all ways.
061. Goals: have a ID (read- Interior Design) company with small hobby centre, have lovely children, live with the loved one.
062. Where will you live:everywhere as long it will be with the loved one.
063. Buy a house: sure.
064. Buy a car: sure.


066. Love your mom?: love her.
067. Love your dad?: love him.
068. Are they still together?: yes.


068. Lips or eyes: Both.
069. Hugs or kisses: Hugs plus kisses.
070. Shorter or taller: taller
071. Lean or plump: in between.
072. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneously romantic. Hahaha.. I agree with you, Liz.
073 . Nice stomach or nice arms: arms.
074 . Sensitive or loud: Loud.
075 . Hook-ups or relationships: relationships.


076. Bungee-jumped: not yet.
077. Shook hands with someone important: yes
078. Kissed a stranger: Nope.
079. Drank bubbles: dheng.. Cappuccino?
080. Lost glasses/contacts: Hvn’t.
081. Ran away from home: why I have to bother to ran away? I have such cozy room.
082. Liked someone younger: yeah.
083. Older:yeah.
084. Broken someone’s heart: sadly, yes.
085. Been arrested: not yet.
086. Turned someone down: yeah
087. Cried when someone died: yes.
088. Liked a friend: i like all my friends. i love them too.


089. Yourself: 80%. Sometime I simply believe others. Crap or Best?
090. Miracles: 50%
091. Love at first sight: Yeap.
092. Heaven: i do.
093. Santa clause: Nope.  And never will.
094. Sex on the first date: no.
095. the more you hate, the more you love: maybe?
096. Angels: everyone with love is angel.


097. Is there one person you want to be with you right now? Suprisingly, more than 1.
098. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at a time? Nope.
099. Do you believe in God?  yes
100. Will you tag 10 people to continue this game? Err.. I just simply tag Jess, Novi, Brian.

Have a lophelee day… ^^

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