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Again and again…

Shall we dance? I don’t know how i can love this word very much..

I’ve just finished my movie ( Take The Lead ), and it is an amazing movie that can make everybody included you to admire them..

How they dance, how they enjoy dancing, and how they act when they dancing.

I will share to you a bit of what they think when they dance. In the movie got a girl named LaRhette. Nice name huh? And Pierre ( the ballroom teacher) asked her to dance with a guy that always confront her ( Rock ). From the first time LaRhette and Rock can not do the dance well and always quarrel. Until someday, they have to practice without Pierre, but, the result is, Rock found LaRhette smile quietly. Rock curious, why LaRhette hate him but she still can smile when dance with him. Guess what Larhette answered? She said that when she perform dancing, she can felt very silent, empty-mind, and relax w(hich she can not get it in her environment).

That is exactly what I feel when I’m dancing. OMG. That only a part of many parts that really2 interesting and you should read if you think that ballroom dancing is basic skill and no energy.

And you know what? This Pierre Dulaine’s story is a real story. You can search him in the google or somewhere else. He also have websites to introduce his ballroom dance class that only have in US. Hiks. Admire him and his crews.


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OmG.. i reli2 du like 2 dance..

unfortunately.. i can not dance well.. Hikz..

especially like in step up 1 n step up 2.. da final dance part.. u can’t blink ur eyes even jz a sec.. coz it’s damn exciting.. n oso reli soooooooo cool..

shall v dance?? i dream of diz word sumday will cme 2 me.. ^^ ( with da beloved 1 for sure )
it’s sounds like fairytale dance floor that create a romantic environment.. soooo sweeett…

Shall we Dance?
Shall we Dance?

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Masterpiece of SABD 0707

In Building Construction project 2008 Semester 2
[ Blocks (2mmx0.8mmx1mm), Wire, Glue tag, mdf Board ]


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Heloo everyone..

wanna tell u ol dad i feel soo uncomfortabl here..
guess what?? i got cold n cough n oso fever.. plus.. got a lot of things to do.. such as assignments, gym, assignments, n gym.. LOL..

but.. but.. pls.. gimme bck my healthy body.. so dad i cn perform my task completely..

plus.. raining everydy.. make my life worse.. cold, sneezing all da time n freezing even w/o aircon…

(Sneezing MONQ)

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